You Don't Know JavaScript: Up and Going

BCiriak • February 16, 2020

Up and Going is the first book of the popular series of JavaScript books written by Kyle Simpson, called "You Don’t Know JS". Kyle correctly recognises the common theme between developers and programmers that write and work with JavaScript. And the realisation is, many of those developers really don’t understand, hence don’t know, JavaScript. It’s best summed up by Kyles’ quote:

"Because JavaScript can be used without understanding, the understanding of the language is often never attained."

100% AGREED!

So the aim of the series is very simple. Learn and understand JavaScript, which is not that simple ?

Up & Going is the introduction to the series. You will not find complex code examples and best practices in this one.

Into Programming

The book starts with the basic and general programming concepts like expressions, statements, variables, functions and so on. Each of these concepts is explained in these short sections. Author assumes that you are starting with programming and have basic programming knowledge. The text is pretty easy to grasp.

Beware, if you have never seen or written a line of code, you don’t want to pick up this book and the YDKJS series as your first books on programming.

Into JavaScript

After the general talk about the before mentioned concepts, we get to read about JavaScript. YAAAY! This second book section talks about main JavaScript elements. Here we get nice overview of JavaScript as a whole from syntax, semantics, type system and more. Even aspects like strict mode and transpilers are mentioned by the end of this section. All of these topics are covered just very briefly as this is meant to be a mere introduction slash overview and it really is. We are pointed to related book in series as we go through those sections. Those books go into much more depth on each and every subject.

You Don't Know JavaScript: Up and Running, picture of the back side of the book.


In the last section of this JavaScript book, we get the overview of the series. How each book talks about what topic and how should we approach them.

And that is the book. What I like about it, is how we only get overview of programming and JavaScript. Separate sections will be covered in following books. In some books, it starts slow but two pages later you are reading rocket science and that is often discouraging. Of course it is, the things we don’t know or understand are confusing. The point I am trying to make is, I like the pace of Up and Going (and the following books).

So should you buy it?

Not necessarily, because you can read it free at GITHUB, which is great feat by Kyle Simpson! Here is the link to You Don't Know JavaScript Series. I tip my imaginary hat to him ?. But if you are bookworm like me or want to support the author, go ahead and buy the paper version linked just below.

Review Result

All in all, Up and Going is very good book that hypes the reader up to learn about JavaScript. And that is good, oftentimes we need motivation to read and learn these technical topics and texts.

  • My Rating: 8/10
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